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Quality is simply the best choice for you and your business.  Make-it good!


Poor quality?!  ... poor humains! ... and poor résults!


NEW ISO15189 in 2023


If your are unsatisfied, or just late, with your quality management...
Don't jump 3 steps at once in 2023


You know that quality is matching with the real life, and definitely good for everyone:   working peoples, and satisfied clients too!


But did you know that "quality is life" ?

Just contact-us ! 


We help our clients, everywhere in the word to perform and implement their quality system.

We help them to make their documentation, we provide a light software if needed.
We help them to build the management system, and find efficient and simple solutions.

We help them to improve practices, to reach quality goals, and secure all that can be secured.

We train them in order to be able to do themselves what is needed for their future.


We do all this all over the world... and we do it well !



ISO9001:2015 in health programs and companies


ISO17025 and ISO15189 the hightest level in laboratories


CLSI - WHO accreditation programs


Simply yours !



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  A reasoned and reasonable Quality - The improvement... not just for tomorrow morning!